YUIMOM Group was founded in 1997 and has been rooted in Taiwan for 25 years. Taking the highest qualitied requirements as the belief and sustainable management as the concept, from the excellent construction team, construction and operation of international boutique hotels, haute cuisine service, to the promotion and cultivation of contemporary art, our group fulfills the products and services that bring people happiness.

Innovation & Sustainability

International Integrated Group of Art

YUIMOM Group takes “Sowed In Art・Germinated In Truth” as its development blueprint, its core value- the supreme “four arts”:the exquisite and timeless architect, the exquisite sense of life in living services, the essence of taste in culinary creation, and the exceptional sensory experience in art.

It will continue to cultivate the cross-disciplinary creative practitioners, towards the world market with an unique visions and insights.


We jointly pursue the following: the expression of happiness on people’s faces, the force of society to move forward, the direction of young people's dreams, the reason to work hard, and the journey of enriching life. As long as YUIMOM exists, we will all contribute every precious days in our lives to do “a great thing" together!
⏤ The head of YUIMOM Group, Shao Yung-Tien

Sowed In Art Germinated In Truth. Sowed In Art Germinated In Truth.Sowed In Art Germinated In Truth. Sowed In Art Germinated In Truth.

Human oriented

"Human" is the most important asset of an enterprise, and it is also the driving force for the continuation of the life and value of an enterprise. Adhering to the "human-oriented" employment principle, we hope to achieve a balance between discipline and humanized management.

Potential Inspiration

We believe that people have infinite possibilities. Therefore, we encourage colleagues to keep moving forward, keep innovating, keep challenging, always thinking, taking each step cautiously, and improving day by day. Only by constantly conquering and surpassing oneself can life see a different landscape.

Create the future together

From architecture, construction, art, to hotel management, YUIMOM Group has involved different industries. Join YUIMOM, and create a better future with us together.


YUIMOM Group provides a salary and welfare system that is superior to the Labor Standards Act and peers, and rewards colleagues for their hard work and contributions.

Basic benefits

- Statutory basic benefits, such as special leave, marriage leave, etc..

- Wedding and funeral condolences and condolences for injuries and illnesses.


- Labor insurance, health insurance, 6% labor pension.

- Group Insurance.

Education and training

- General training for new recruits

- On-the-job training for new recruits

- General knowledge training for on-the-job colleagues

- Elementary management course training

- Relevant professional course training


- graveyard shift allowance

- Supper allowance

- Free shift allowance

- Early morning shift allowance

Employee Activities

Group anniversary activities, spring feast activities.

Annual employee health examination

Provide free meals for employees