The Taiwanese Cultural Association, founded by Chiang Wei-Shui and Lin Hsien-Tang a century ago, played a crucial role in the New Taiwan Culture Movement.  To mark 100 years of the association and highlight its spirit, the Ministry of Culture awarded 90 individuals from various areas with the prestige medal to honour their long-term efforts in promoting Taiwanese culture.

Chairman SHAO single-handedly founded the YUIMOM Group in 1997, and it has expanded from construction to the worlds of hospitality, catering and art over the years.  Believing in himself and focusing on quality over quantity, SHAO's persistent efforts to make a difference in the community are evident.  The recognition has once again brought the low-key entrepreneur to the fore for his long-term support for the arts.

In 2007, YUIMOM Construction built Kaohsiung's first luxury residence, the Royal Garden, and received various awards for its design, including the FIABCI World Prix d'Excellence Award and the IES Illumination Award two years later.  20 years later Chairman SHAO branched out into hospitality industry launching a beyond-5-star hotel, Silks Club.  This project established overseas partnerships with two premium Japanese brands, UKAI and Asahi Shuzo Dassai, ensuring the ultimate hotel experience in Kaohsiung.  Silks Club has won nine international awards since opening in 2017, and attracts visitors from all over the world, making it the first choice of hotel in Taiwan for many.

Chairman SHAO spares no effort to support young talent.  The Creative Talent Programme set up by Silks Club serves as a platform to spark the imagination and support emerging artists to explore the identity of the island of Taiwan. Categories include graphic arts, sculpture and installation on the theme of the encounter between life and art.  The winning artist's work will be on display in one of the selected areas including one floor, a corridor or a suite with the potential for further collaboration with popular artists.  Artworks are available for our guests to purchase.  The group also rebuilt Kin-Ma Military Hostel transforming a former military base into a major art destination in the south.  The centre featuring contemporary art has at its heart a setting that promotes international dialogue and the exchange of ideas whilst also presenting the essence of Taiwanese culture.

Standing behind YUIMOM Group, the founder is not only an entrepreneur, but also a dream achiever and an artist.  The self-taught painter makes bold use of paint, creating powerful images that are inspired by his five decades of life.  With his complete devotion in construction, catering, hospitality and art, Chairman SHAO was awarded an honorary medal from MOC.  This stands as a testimony to his unceasing contribution to the community.  The chairman thanked his employees for their effort and hard work over the course of 24 years, saying: "I wouldn't be where I am today without you".  SHAO is determined to make a positive difference in the community and continues to raise the profile of Taiwanese culture.