Starting a construction company from scratch 25 years ago in Kaohsiung, YUIMOM Group founder Shao Yung-Tien has become a force to be reckoned with at the head of a prolific corporation.  He has succeeded in the worlds of construction, hospitality, art, as well as establishing overseas partnerships in the culinary sphere, with quality and sustainability uppermost in mind.  The chairman strives to provide an ultimate experience that brings an aesthetic sensibility to everyday life.

Chairman SHAO singled-handedly founded the group in 1997, and has continued to make a difference to the country with his persistence, life, wisdom, vision, imagination and enthusiasm.  In 2017, YUIMOM Construction built Kaohsiung’s first luxury residence, the Royal Garden, which won various awards for its design, including the FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence Award and the IES Illumination Award two years later.  The group entered the world of commercial real estate development and received Smart Building certification for YUIMOM JiangGuo Enterprise Building completed in 2011.  20 years on Chairman SHAO has branched out into hospitality and catering and launched Silks Club, a beyond-5-star hotel.  The group has also established overseas partnerships with two premium Japanese brands, UKAI and Asahi Shuzo Dassai, ensuring the hotel leads the way in luxury hospitality in the country.  Silks Club has won nine international awards since opening in 2017.  The group also rebuilt the Kin-Ma Military Hostel, overseen by ALIEN Art, transforming a historic military site into a highlight for contemporary art in the south.  In 2019 it opened the Ukai Taipei on the 46th floor of Breeze Nan Shan Building, attracting numerous gourmet enthusiasts.  Their latest project YUIMOM Residence will be launched in Q3 2022 after five years of dedication, offering upmarket and smart serviced apartments with comfort and style.
Received international recognisation for its premium facilities and services
YUIMOM group has effectively weathered numerous economic downturns over the years owing to its keen vision and fearless approach, demonstrating great resilience and substantiality.  Chairman SHAO was awarded International Cross-industry Entrepreneur from MOC for his longstanding contribution to business and culture.  Holding on to his beliefs in determination and perseverance, SHAO is leading the group on to the world arena manipulating its experience from overseeing multiple industries.  The chairman has inspired the group to promote art as happiness and zest lifestyle, which expands to all 15 brands under four areas of the business.  With this mind, they are dedicated to ensure their construction booming with high quality, hotel with design and comfort, culinary bursting with flavour and art weaving into everyday life.  It is not surprising they have received 29 awards worldwide, a testimony to their extraordinary design and service, and determination to make a difference. 
Awarded with Taiwanese Cultural Collaboration Medal for its contribution to culture and business
YUIMOM Group has become a force to be reckoned with in various industries.  Under its wing are YUIMOM Construction, Huang Pin Engineering, Silks Club, ALIEN Art Centre, and upcoming YUIMOM Residence.  It has not only boomed economic growth in the city and enhanced competitiveness in the tourism industry in Kaohsiung.  The group spares no effort to support young talents.  ALIEN Art Centre has become an iconic art scene showcasing innovation and sustainability.  The Creative Talent Programme was set up allowing Silks Club to serve as a platform to spark the imagination and promote creative dialogue.  The participating artists will have their work on display in the hotel, available for acquisition, along with masterpieces.  Standing behind YUIMOM Group, founder SHAO is not only an entrepreneur, but also a dream-achiever and an artist.  His journey of five decades has enriched his palette and given significant depth to his artistic expression.  In 2021 chairman SHAO was recognised for his longstanding contribution to culture and art, adding another trophy to his collection with the award of the MOC medal.

Committed to provide a happier living for the community
Deeply attached to the country, chairman SHAO has dedicated 25 years of hard work to build the group looking after his employees while making a difference to the community, as a gesture to give back to society.  With its extension in scope, the group has created more jobs to the local areas, retain talents and boost local economy.  To celebrate its 25 anniversary this year, the group will be launching YUIMOM Residence featuring luxury serviced apartments.  The group subtly manipulated its experience from YUIMOM Construction, Huang Pin Engineering, Silks Club, and ALIEN Art, after identified new market opportunities several years ago.  The smart and stylish residence featuring comfort and flexibility provides long or short term base for both business and leisure travelers.  The apartments also offer great dining choices, including a café, a continental restaurant, a patisserie and a pub.  Residents are indulged with a private and self-contained accommodation that combines home and hotel-like facilities, ensuring all needs are met.  Moving forward from the pandemic, YUIMOM Group leads in the new trend of stunning properties featuring serviced apartments that are essentially homes away from home.