Silks Club, launched in 2017, a welcoming setting with "art" at its core, houses a highly refined art collection available for acquisition, making it a "live-in art gallery".  Within three years after its opening, the hotel has scooped eight acclaimed awards for its world-class service and design.  ALIEN Art Centre, also under the wing of the YUIMOM Group, was named the best art gallery in Kaohsiung by Lonely Planet two years after it was launched.  To celebrate the anniversary of both the hotel and the centre in 2020, ALIEN Art has teamed up with Silks Club and ALIEN Art Centre to curate a major exhibition entitled Encountering Serenity in the midst of Madness across both locations.  With rare collection catalogues and magazines selected by art specialists, the collaboration invites guests to dive into the worlds of art and culture.  Together with ALIEN Art Centre, comparable to Naoshima art island, the event offers a sensational experience where you can explore the dynamic art scene in southern Taiwan. 

With its exhibition design implemented by ALIEN Art, Silks Club is determined to promote the arts on this island and create an international forum for art exchange, while showcasing artworks created by both new talent and influential artists.  Shao Yung-Tien, the founder of YUIMOM Group, and Yaman Shao, the co-founder of ALIEN Art, are the driving forces behind the business empire.  They are both artistic and productive. Featuring these two artists, the exhibition presents the subtle coexistence of two dissimilar identities: an executive and a creative, with positive images inspired by their personal life stories, giving a insightful glimpse into their values and beliefs.  The presidential suite, spanning the entire 29th floor of 207 ping, will open to the public for the first time for the exhibition.  The venue, known for its exclusiveness and sophistication, has been a favourite for the likes of celebrities and international stars, and is a perfect location for brand events and art auctions.  With its sophisticated design and excellent AV equipment, guests are offered a sensational spectacle to both ignite the imagination and relax the mind.

With "art" at its heart, Silks Club has collaborated with well-renowned artists, both local and International.  Their bespoke collections are on display in the hotel. You can't miss the 4D kinetic installation in the ground floor lobby Dancing Particles which was designed by the eminent German Studio ART+COM.  Entering In Jade Lounge on the 28th floor, you will be greeted by Lunar Watch, a sculpture designed by the Icelandic-Danish artist Olafur Eliasson.  The partnership between the hotel and ALIEN Art has led to global recognition, winning the World Luxury Hotel Awards in 2019 and the MUSE Hotel Awards in 2020.  The artworks exhibited in all 147 suites are available for purchase; ALIEN Art will make contact with the artist or their agents on behalf of guests if they express interest.  Silks Club, as an international forum for art exchange, is devoted to offering a unique experience for guests to explore art and enhancing the reputation of the harbour city as an Asian art world destination.