25 years on, YUIMOM Group chairman Shao Yung-Tien has grown his business from a construction company to a prolific corporation running multiple operations, adhering to the company's core values - "pursuing quality over quantity".  In 2007, YUIMOM Construction built Kaohsiung's first luxury residence, the Royal Garden, and received various awards for its design, including the FIABCI World Prix d'Excellence Award and the IES Illumination Award two years later. The group entered the world of commercial real estate development and received Smart Building certification for the YUIMOM JiangGuo Enterprise Building completed in 2011. Since then, it has branched out into the luxury hospitality industry and culinary sphere.  The group also launched Silks Club in November 2017 and has received nine international awards. Their dedication to art and culture has led to a highly-regarded project with the rebuilt the Kin-Ma Military Hostel, led by the executive director Yaman Shao.  It has become an iconic destination for contemporary art in the south of Taiwan. In January 2019 the group established an overseas partnership with Tokyo-based Ukai Group and opened the Ukai Taipei on the 46th floor of Breeze Nan Shan.

YUIMOM group has effectively weathered the numerous financial crises over the years due to its keen strategic vision and fearlessness, demonstrating great resilience and substantiality.  YUIMOM Construction, Huang Pin Engineering, Silks Club, and ALIEN Art have teamed up to pioneer the development of fully serviced apartments in the country.  YUIMOM Residence will be launched in the third quarter of 2022.  Chairman Shao says of the launch: "the entire group has worked hard to deliver what we have promised – offering people a happier and more blissful lifestyle.  I am deeply attached to the city and founded this international establishment here to bring joy and happiness to people living in Kaohsiung.  The group is looking to grow into a big family of 500 employees in the coming years.  We are hoping this will bring more jobs to the local area, retain talent and boost the local economy".

The relocation of large tech companies to Kaohsiung has accelerated the transformation of local businesses, attracted high-end tourists and promoted the local tourism industry.  The group has leveraged its experience in managing luxury hotels to establish the premier serviced apartments in Taiwan, after having spotted a gap in the market many years ago.  YUIMOM Residence features freedom and flexibility with stunning properties that provide a long or short term base for both business and leisure travelers.  Nestled in 1,138 ping of land on Jiuru Road, opposite the National Science and Technology Museum, the serviced apartments are to rent, not for sale.  They come in various sizes and specifications, ranging from 2-4 rooms, 55-75 ping; all come fully furnished with appliances and with a business centre and a gym.  The residence offers great dining choices, including a café, a continental restaurant, a patisserie and a pub. Residents are indulged with a private and self-contained accommodation that combines the best of home-stay and hotel-like facilities.  Moving on from the pandemic, YUIMOM Group leads the field in the new trend for stunning properties featuring serviced apartments that are essentially homes away from home.