YUIMOM Group, with art at its core, worked in collaboration with ALIEN Art to build Silks Club, a design and art boutique hotel that has become a favourite for many.  This spring Silks Club teamed up with ALIEN Art Centre to launch a sensational culinary event featuring two top chefs, taking inspiration from the exhibition The Place Where There Is No Darkness.  The menu, featuring eight dishes and five glasses of wine, was developed collaboratively by Shimpei HIORSE, the head chef of Ukai-tei Kaohsiung, and André Chiang, a world-renowned chef.  Available between 19-21 April, 2022, the special package includes a stay in a Junior Suite with harbour view at Silks Club for NT$51,899 per night, based on double occupancy with complimentary breakfast included. With the appreciation of "art in everyday life" at its heart, YUIMOM Group is determined to provide a sensational experience encouraging guests to immerse themselves in artistic expression whilst indulging themselves with world-class facilities and impeccable service at Silks Club. 

ALIEN Art, devoted to promote new talent and renowned artists, has joined forces with Silks Club and ALIEN Art Centre to create a forum supporting sustainable art.  The Place Where There Is No Darkness, a dual exhibition launched on 15 April 2022, showcases a wide range of artworks created by artists Shao Yung-Tien and Yaman Shao, including spatial design, multimedia, mixed media, painting, action art and written texts.  This refined art collection offers a glimpse into the artists' inner world and creates an emotional connection with the viewer.  Chef Chiang describes chairman SHAO's work as geometrical, with a sense of fluidity yet rigidly structured, while Yaman depicts a cloud floating in the sky that is ever-changing.  Chef HIROSE adds that the tension in Mr. SHAO's art is so present that you cannot ignore, whereas you find yourself being drawn into the ethereal atmosphere depicted in Yaman's work.  The distinctive flair between the two artists has inspired the menu put together by the two talented chefs.  You are indulged with an ultimate culinary experience that delights your eyes and tantalises your taste buds.