The Ukai Taipei received the "L'Assiette Michelin" in 2020 for its quality and overall dining experience – a testament to the success of YUIMOM Group's overseas partnership in the culinary sphere.  The UKAI culinary team is proud to serve food at its optimum freshness and temperature, offering guests an unforgettable moment combining impeccable hospitality, technical skill and refined quality.  The respect for professionalism and the pursuit of perfection are values of founder SHAO that played a crucial role in the opening of UKAI's first overseas restaurant 53 years after it was founded.  Built on a basis of mutual trust, the newly-established cooperation made waves in both countries.  Preserving UKAI's core value, YUIMOM group is determined to provide a superlative experience underpinned by a deep appreciation of ingredients, the chef's craft and attention to detail.  Since opening in 2017, Ukai-tei Kaohsiung has raised the bar for the restaurant industry in Taiwan with its commitment to freshness and quality of ingredients, elegance of design and impeccable service.  Following this success, the group expanded its culinary venture to the capital and The Ukai Taipei was launched.  The restaurant was included in the Michelin Guide with a L'Assiette Michelin in 2020 for its quality, preparation and ingredients, making it a Michelin Star restaurant in the making.   

Located in Silks Club, the Ukai-Tei Kaohsiung embodies the essential values of the UAKI brand with its sophisticated dining space, culinary excellence, inspired service, and flawless execution using fresh ingredients.  Renowned interior designer Yukio Hashimoto designed the restaurant infused with the traditional Japanese aesthetic of "yūgen" to create a captivating dining experience of grace and subtlety.  The dinnerware collection produced in collaboration with ALIEN Art was made in Saga Prefecture in Japan, known as the home of porcelain, using the traditional coloured porcelain techniques of Gen-emon Kiln handed down over 260 years. The ethereal atmosphere created by the combination of environment and food engages the five senses in a symphony of pleasure.    
The hotel places "art" at the centre of its business, offering a platform for emerging and established artists that celebrates contemporary art and understands the importance of incorporating it into everyday life.  Founder SHAO and curator Yaman Shao continue to produce creative works and have contributed to the entrancing collection of the hotel.  With the rotation of artworks exhibited, guests can see art from many different artists and periods but can also catch a glimpse into the artistic life of the two prime movers behind the project.  "Truthfulness" is the essence embodied in the spirit of the group and since launching in 2017, Silks Club has scooped more than 10 awards worldwide for its excellence in design, service and construction.  Together with ALIEN Art Centre, the hotel endeavours to promote art and sustainability.